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06/01/15 Stories of change

Vishwa Dewan

Vishwa lives with his parents and a younger sister.

His father worked in the garment industry. But his poor health did not allow him to work for long hours. He also washed cars to add to the family income. Vishwa’s mother a resilient and hard-working lady, managed home while being occupied as a guard. His sister is a student.  “I am very proud of my family,” an elated Vishwa says.

Vishwa was not only a part of the Dream After School Life Skills Program but the Career Connect Program too. He recalls, “I was a very shy, silent, and lazy boy, but during the camps I did a lot of work and got an opportunity to show my leadership. I was appreciated there and that motivated me.  I felt being active in life is very important.”

Vishwa’s aim was to join the defence forces and serve the country, but he could not qualify because of an eye sight problem.  He always wanted to do a degree in animation, but the fat fee structure was a deterrent.  Not the one to give up, he chose to do BSc where he could learn computers and then try to get into animation.

The tides changed for Vishwa when he got an opportunity to go to the US to do media studies at College of DuPage, Chicago through the Career Connect Program.

Vishwa returned from the US, and felt it was a life-changing experience. He said, “I feel that I am more confident and independent than before, and now I have goals for my future. Without having realized it, I have changed a lot for the better.  I now have the certificate of having studied in the US, have best friends in more than 15 countries, have visited many places in the US which I had just dreams of going to, have gotten the experience of studying with American students, and have learned about different cultures of different countries. I also interned and volunteered in many places, which made me feel good. I am very happy about the outstanding results I got in my classes in the US. I would like for Dream Connect Center to send more students abroad. Like me, this would provide them with a similar opportunity to change their lives and become a better person.”

Vishwa is now working with a well-known editing company in Bangalore and has grown in the Company. He continues to volunteer with Dream a Dream when he gets a chance.