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18/11/16 Stories of change


Keerthi lives with his parents and two sisters in Bengaluru. His father works as a security guard and mother works in a garment factory.


Coming from a vulnerable background, Keerthi felt that he had the potential to reach greater heights.  He was a bundle of talent, but was unsure on how to effectively channelize it. This changed when he got introduced to the Dream Career Connect Program. 

In Keerthi’s own words, he could see a measureable change in his life after being associated with the Career Connect Program. He said, “Previously, I used to have a carefree attitude to life. I lacked commitment, focus and a sense of responsibility towards my own future. I always believed that I was intelligent, talented and good at studies, but I did not realize the importance of hard work, commitment or discipline in life that one ought to have, to become successful.  I also learnt that it is important to take initiatives and come out of one’s comfort zone in order to realize one’s potential.”

Life skills sessions at Career Connect played a pivotal role in his transformation. With a beaming smile, he says, “Life skills sessions were an eye opener to me. The facilitators are caring and compassionate. Through these sessions, they help us introspect. This, combined with peer learning provided me the ideal atmosphere to look within and accelerate my personal growth.”

Keerthi gained the confidence to take up jobs with distinguished retail outlets like KFC, Café Coffee Day and Westside with the placement support provided by Career Connect program. He reminisces, “Before I joined Career Connect, I used to work part time as a construction worker. It was an extremely laborious job. After I joined Career Connect, I was able to use my social skills to interact with customers at KFC, CCD, and Westside which boosted my morale and increased my self-esteem.”

Keerthi, today, displays immense confidence, and also plays a key role in hosting an edition of “Change The Script”, an international conference organized by Dream A Dream. He was hugely appreciated for his communication skills at the event. Eventually through Dream a Dream, he was short-listed for a one year exchange program sponsored by the US Consulate.

Back from the exchange program, Keerthi found the experience very enriching. He gained new friends, learnt new cultures and knows the importance of respecting individuals for what they are. One of his good friends was from Pakistan and Keerthi says this helped remove the prejudice he held against people from certain regions.

Today, a composed and confident Keerthi, studying to complete his B.Com, is aware of how circumstances do not matter if you make up your mind to do something. He dreams of becoming a Chartered Accountant and starting his own company. He also wants to set up an NGO that works with Dream a Dream!