“A Journey called Dream A Dream” – Upasana Sharma

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When I was asked to write about my experience at Dream A Dream, I sat down and I thought. I thought on what I wanted to tell people about, what they already didn’t know. And I figured it out.

It’s changing lives.

It’s making the world a better place.

It’s teaching the youth of today, the teachers and artists of tomorrow.

It’s giving them the right values, the right skills.

It’s teaching them to believe in themselves- to dream.

On my first day at Dream A Dream, I went a little apprehensive, a little anxious – not knowing what to expect. And I’m so glad I went. I felt welcome; it didn’t feel like I was meeting these young boys and girls for the first time. Throughout the month I went every single day and every day I learnt more, and taught more. I learnt about the aspirations of these youngsters; some elder to me and some younger. And I thought to myself – Wow, the future of our country is in safe hands. There were budding teachers, professors, government officials and dreamers. Even I’m a dreamer and at Dream A Dream, I learnt that I wasn’t the only one. I learnt to share. I learnt that even when you have nothing you can share something. You just need to try.

I also taught them all I knew, how to socialize, what to say to a stranger you want to be friends with, how to carry a conversation and how to stay in touch. We, the members of Dream A Dream, showed them Facebook, which is something that we do every day, but to them it was a new thing, a new world. The joy on their faces when they made a new Facebook account and added people they knew conveyed a sense of achievement which was magical. For the first time in my life, I discovered that rush; burst of pride and joy you feel when someone you’ve taught succeeds at it. Maybe it was just the creation of a Facebook account but I went back home happy; in some way I had helped them as they had helped me. And yes, it’s a very small change but then that is what Dream A Dream is about; people coming together and doing what they can, and I learnt-“Together we can make a big change”. This is what Dream A Dream is doing- teaching the youth of today what they need to know, to bring about the same change and more when they run the country.

Today, we all go to schools and go through the same drill – studying Maths, Science, History, and Geography, but what they teach at Dream A Dream is what we need for life. They don’t teach actually, they instill the right values and encourage you to think, to be different, to follow your dreams, to make a change – no matter how small. And that is what makes Dream A Dream what it is; the most unique, the most different organization you’ll ever come across. Actually, scratch that. Dream A Dream is the most unique, the most different family you’ll ever come across.

So for everyone reading this, who isn’t a part of the family yet – Come, Dream With Us, we bring change.

Upasana Sharma is a student at National Public school, Indiranagar who volunteered with us in our Dream Connect programme in the month of May, 2012.

Her favorite quote, “I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now? All you need is love. Hope is a waking dream. Dream with Me.”

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  • Tarun

    I really like the way you captured the essence of working among these people. Well written.

    • Upasana.

      Thankyou, it means a lot to me. :)

  • Chicken

    Very touching article. Inspired me to start doing some social service and doing whatever I can to help the less fortunate.

    • Upasana.

      Thankyou so much. :)