Dream A Dream Volunteer Evening

“Hurray, we did it!”

Our first “Volunteer Evening” was a success.

Volunteer Evening

Dream A Dream envisions and encourages volunteering to create a sensitive, non-discriminatory society, which appreciates unique differences. The event was an initiative to recognize and reward all those volunteers who contributed to our various programs and also to thank them for filling in the ‘Volunteer Survey’ forms.

Volunteers were presented Dream A Dream merchandise as a token of appreciation in 3 different categories, namely, 80+ hours and 200+ hours of volunteering clocked since April 2012, and for the highest pledge raisers who ran at Bangalore 10K to raise funds for Dream A Dream. It also provided an opportunity to interact with fellow volunteers and have an interactive session with the Co-founder and Executive Director, Vishal Talreja.

The introduction game to let volunteers know each other was a joy to see and loved by them. The “Tangram” puzzle game was an instant hit with the volunteers. They were challenging each other and trying to beat the records. Q&A session brought out several thoughts and personal stories from the volunteers. They shared experiences, moments of connect, learning, and how they would want to be the change they wish to see in the society.

The prize distribution session saw an amazing flow of energy among the volunteers; they shared on how volunteering had an impact on them, how their lives had been positively changed by it, as also on being touched by the feeling of being a source of inspiration for the young. One of the volunteers quoted, “I think I learnt more from a child than me helping them learn, and it is a wonderful realisation for me.”  The story of one of our youngest volunteers, Megha Harish shared by Vishal was an inspiration for everyone present in the hall. It was our misfortune to not have her present there to receive the prize (she was preparing for her exam on the next day and wanted Vishal to receive it on her behalf.) “Vishal is an inspiration to her.”, her mother tells.

After the prize distribution session, volunteers got to meet and interact with each other and the environment showed excitement of meeting like-minded people whom they had not known before. Shalini, a volunteer said, “It’s good to know that there are others like you. Meeting them in person, besides on social and networking sites, felt really good.

Stalls for Dream A Dream merchandise was set up on the courtyard. It was good to see people flooding at the merchandise stall to purchase calendars, bookmarks, t-shirts, and greeting cards. People interacted, laughed, took pictures, and shared experiences. Oh, Yes! They also enjoyed Samosas and Tea.

It was a coming together of great people who believe in action and wish to see the young people grow up to become great citizens of this country. As Dream A Dream celebrated the journey of volunteers and rewarded them for their sincere support, we are motivated to look forward to more of such celebrations, and we still believe The Journey has just begun…

Thank you volunteers, we appreciate your work and realize that this milestone was made possible by your belief in us. We would have never made it without you.

  • Jagadish

    For those who missed the event this tells it all